Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services

A Sound Beginning’s experts meet the needs associated with a variety of communication disorders. We serve children and adults with hearing loss, articulation and language disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), central auditory processing disorders (CAPD), and many more.

Assessment: A comprehensive assessment is the first step in the therapy process. A thorough case history is taken to understand the client’s background, development, and parental concerns. An oral mechanism examination is completed to assess the function of the jaw, lips, tongue, and velum. A speech sound assessment and spoken language assessment is completed to identify articulation and/or language disorders, and their severity. Literacy testing (reading/writing) is completed if appropriate.

Treatment Plan: Goals and Objectives are written to target the skills found to be delayed or disordered by formal testing.

Therapy Sessions: Fun and engaging activities are used to target the goals identified in the treatment plan. Parents and Caregivers are integrated into our sessions to be sure they have the skills they need to work with their child or loved one at home.

Our experts are Board Certified professionals with their Clinical Certificate of Competence and many years of experience.