Spoken Language Groups

The Two Year Old Group

Help your baby learn to listen and speak with the guidance of certified LSLS auditory verbal therapists. This group program will provide an opportunity for you to share your experiences with other parents who are on a similar journey.

Pre Schoolers Group

This classroom based program will allow your child to begin learning to listen and speak in a more formal environment. Groups are designed to meet each child’s stage of learning and provide intensive, individualized support. Engaging and creative, preschool curriculum based activities incorporate listening skills with early langauge and cognitive skill development.

Open Enrollment 2018-2019 Monday -Thursday 9:00-12:30

Your child can join us this summer to investigate “Wet and Wonderful Water!” We will meet June 27th-July 27th and have fun with the InvestiGators Club to develop listening and spoken langauge skills while exploring water. We will discover where water is, how it moves, how it changes, and find out what sinks and floats! We will make water art, a pitter patter band, and enjoy watery snacks. Of course, we will find plenty of time to play in water to celebrate Summer.


This unique program for children with hearing loss provides an opportunity to maximize your child’s listening and speaking skills!

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