Language Development

There are many reasons for delays in language development. Regardless of the reason, early and intensive intervention results in the the greatest gains. Learn how to support your child’s language development in every day activities. Make listening and talking a fun and natural part of your day. Children are always learning, and the experts at A Sound Beginning can help you take advantage of their naturally inquisitive nature to learn to better understand and use language.

Therapy sessions are individual designed to target the child’s needs using fun and engaging activities like books, toys, arts and crafts, songs, and hands-on play. Building vocabulary, developing simple phrases, and moving toward communicative competence is integrated into all sessions.


Social language goals are integrated into our learning activities. Eye contact, greetings, verbal turn-taking, understanding and using gestures are all key components of social language learning.

A child can experience a delay in expressive or receptive language. An expressive language disorder often presents as a child not being able to come up with the right words to express themselves due to small vocabularies and marked difficulty with combining words. If a child has a receptive language disorder, he or she may have difficulty following directions and comprehending verbal information. Regardless of the type of delay or its severity, early and intensive intervention results in the greatest gains.

At A Sound Beginning, expressive and receptive language therapy is individually designed to target the child’s needs using fun and engaging activities. By incorporating books, toys, arts and crafts, and hands-on play our speech-language pathologists help the child develop typical language skills. However, language development is not confined to the therapy room. Since children are constantly learning about the world around them, the professionals at A Sound Beginning believe in a family-centered approach that teaches parents how to support language development in their child’s everyday activities.

In addition to expressive and receptive language, a child’s social language skills may not always develop naturally. For these children, our professionals incorporate social skills such as eye contact, turn-taking, greetings, and understanding and using gestures into language therapy.


A Sound Beginning accepts most major insurance carriers. Call your plan directly to become familiar with your coverage for speech therapy CPT 92507. A Sound Beginning will obtain pre-authorization, and submit therapy bills directly to your plan. Co-payments are due at the time of service.