Auditory Processing Disorders

Working closely with an audiologist, our experts can administered receptive and expressive language assessments in addition to assessing language processing in the presence of background noise at varying levels. Formal assessment by the audiologist, coupled with our testing is used by the audiolgoist to diagnosis auditory processing disorders.

Treatment for auditory processing disorders includes three parts (1) altering the learning environment, (2) strengthening language, problem-solving, memory, attention, other cognitive skills for the child to overcome the auditory processing deficits, and (3) direct training to improve auditory processing skills. At A Sound Beginning, we incorporate all three of these areas into our treatment sessions. The therapist will work closely with school professionals to suggest strategies for altering the learning environment. Computer-assisted programs may be incorporated if appropriate for the child.


HearBuilder  Applications

A Sound Beginning uses Webber HearBuilder computer based applications for some clients to develop auditory processing skills such as auditory memory, phonological awareness skills, following auditory directions, and recall of details from information the child receives through listening. These fun, motivating, games build skills quickly. Children can’t wait to have time to play HearBuilder!